Another Hilarious Gag Gifts That Will Make Them ROFL

Pickle Lip Balm

Tired of moisturizing your lips with strawberry, cherry, or mint? Then Pickle Lip Balm is for you. This dill flavored delight offers all the moisturizing of a traditional lip balm, but without the pleasant taste.

Caffeinated Maple Syrup

Who doesn’t need a pick me up in the morning and sometimes coffee is just not enough. Pour caffeinated maple syrup on your pancakes! This syrup tastes exactly like traditional syrup, but is packed with more caffeine than the average person would ever need to get their day going.

The Book Of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

Are you one of those people who prefer quotation marks be used in a manner deemed “grammatically” correct? Then this book is for you. It is filled with signs whose writers thought a little extra clarification was needed to drive home their “point.”

F In Exams

If you are going to get it wrong, you might as well make the most of it. F in Exams is a book that explores some of the best wrong answers ever given on tests. Sometimes the dumbest among us are the wittiest and this book shares their insightful humor.

Akward Family Photos

This book is filled with some of the most horrific, uncomfortable family moments captured on film. What were these people thinking? And to memorialize it in a photo? This book helps you feel better about your own family’s dysfunction. It seems wrong to laugh, but do it anyway.

Damn You, Autocorrect!

How many times has autocorrect prevented you from making your point in a text message? Not to mention the times it created a completely different, inappropriate message. This book is filled with the best instances of autocorrect taking over and turning a normal conversation into a terribly awkward moment.

Dynamite Fire Starter

Need to blow something up? These sticks of dynamite should do the trick. You will shock friends and family when you grab your fire starter sticks out of a box labeled “dynamite.” These are great for quiet evenings at home by a roaring fire or on your next camping trip.

Superhero Knee Socks

You might not be made of steel, but your knees can fight crime as good any anyone else’s. These Superhero Knee Socks come in a variety of characters and feature the officially licensed logos of your favorite comic book heroes. The tiny capes attached to the socks add a special flair and are great for participating in races and marathons.

Gangham Style T-Shirt

Gangnam is sweeping the nation and you can join the buzz with your own Gangnam style t-shirt. Whether you have mastered the dance or you just want to be part the crowd, the shirt is the perfect way to join the fun.

Beard Book

Love bears? Want to see more of them? The Beard Book is for you. These photos were taken at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska. There are beards of all shapes and sizes featured, providing great inspiration for growing and styling a beard of your own.$

Flair Hair Visor

Wish you still had a head of hair full enough to wear the latest hairstyles? The Flair Hair Visor can help. Worn just like a traditional visor hat, it features a head of hair sprouting from the top. Both hat and visor are available in a variety of colors and fit most heads.

World’s Largest Coffee Cup

Twelve ounces not enough to start your day? Drink your coffee from the World’s Largest Coffee Cup, the only cup big enough to hold 20 normal sized cups of coffee in one. The World’s Largest Coffee Cup is perfect for your favorite coffee drinker or anyone who can’t get enough of super huge novelty items.

Facebook Like And Dislike Stamps

Do you wish your entire world were like Facebook? Now you can like and dislike documents with the Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps. These ink stamps are ideal for Facebook enthusiasts and those looking for a way to cheer up the office or classroom.

Replaceface Prints

These prints feature the faces of popular celebrities juxtaposed on Civil War era soldiers. You can pick from a wide assortment of stars, including Brad Pitt, Bill Murray, and Ricky Gervais, just to name a few.

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