Gag Gifts For Hilarious April Fools’ Day Pranks

April Fools' Day is drawing near and the time to start planning your pranks is now. We’ve rounded up a great selection of gag gifts and pranks, suitable for the youngest and oldest of audiences to get you started. 

Voice & Motion Activated Prank Stickers

These are genius. Turn just about any item in your home or office into a practical joke with these stickers that state "voice activated" and "motion activated". Just affix them to an ordinary object, such as a coffeemaker, copy machine or computer monitor, and watch as your friends try to operate them by voice or motion! And with 50 stickers included, you could make it April Fools' Day year-round!

Scent Changing Candle - Apple Pie to Stink

When lit, this candle goes from smelling wonderful to truly disgusting within a couple hours. While you need a little time for this prank to unfold, it’s definitely worth the wait! 

Whoopee Cushion 6 Pack

The only thing funnier than a whoopee cushion is SIX whoopee cushions. Spread them around on April Fools' Day and watch the mayhem unfold! 

Fake Roaches  

Eww - cockroaches! Freak out your family and friends with fake cockroaches that look a little too real for comfort. Hide them in a kitchen drawer, a cup of soup, a glass of soda - the possibilities are endless! 


Pranklopedia is a paperback book filled with the funniest, grossest, craziest, not-mean pranks. It has over 70 pranks, and recipes for fake bird poop, fake vomit, fake snot and more! 

Remote Control Fart Machine  

Bodily function pranks are always popular on April Fools' Day, and this remote control fart machine is just what you need to pull the perfect prank. With this little gadget, you can let loose 15 different farting sounds from up to 100 feet away. 

Funny Fork

Bring this fork to the dinner table, and every meal can be yours for the tasting because it extends to a length of 25 inches! Sneak a sample of your friends food without being suspected. And when you’re done eating, you can use it as a backscratcher.

Gnarly Teeth    

So much fun can be had with these “Gnarly Teeth”. Surprise friends and loved ones with your new teeth. They come in a pack of 9, so the whole family can wear them to a party for lots of laughs. 

Recordable Toilet Roll Talker

Not even the bathroom is safe from pranks with this talking toilet paper holder. It allows you to record messages that will play when the toilet paper is pulled. Record and re-record custom messages - you can use it again and again! 

Prank Bathe & Brew

Shower coffee maker and soap dispenser? Not really, but this realistic looking box will have friends thinking it’s for real! All 6 sides of this box have real graphics and jokes that have everyone laughing. Just pack your real gift inside and watch the fun unfold.

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