Hilarious Gag Gifts That Will Make Them ROFL

Bacon Bandages

Cover your cuts and scrapes with bandages that mimic your favorite breakfast item. These bacon bandages are just like traditional sterile adhesive bandages, but so much more fun. Each bandage measures three inches in length and covers a width up to three-quarter inches. Bandages come in a package of 15 in a reusable printed tin.

Butt Station

Looking for a way to add laughs to your boring office cubicle? The butt station organizes your office supplies with an eye toward humor. This comical gift holds pens, tape, and sticky notes or business cards. It is available in three different colors.

Batman Snuggie

Stay warm this winter covered in the garb of your favorite super hero – Batman! This cozy blanket measures 71X48” and features convenient arm slots. It fits more snugly than many snuggie blankets, contouring to your body and appearing more like a costume than a blanket. Fun for Batman fans of all ages!

If the idea of drinking your morning coffee from a toilet brings a smile to your face, the toilet mug is for you. The bowl of the toilet holds your beverage and the handle is the piping under the toilet tank. The toilet mug is capable of holding 12 ounces of liquid.

Emergency Clown Nose

Now you can bring the incredible healing power of humor to any occasion with the Emergency Clown Nose. Few things bring joy to a situation like a clown. This convenient red nose can be worn for any situation where you need to produce a smile. The Emergency Clown Nose is also useful in situations in which you need to terrify those around you.

Man Candles

Looking for a candle even the manliest men can enjoy? The original man candle features a rugged, leather scent, mimicking that of a football. Man candles are also available in beer and coffee scents.

Animal Butt Magnets

Animal butt magnets add fun to any magnetic surface. These plastic half-characters are fun for kids and adults of all ages. Butt magnets come in a package of six with a variety of animals. Each measures between one and two inches.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

This unique action figure turns everyone’s favorite crazy lady into a fun gag gift. Crazy Cat Lady comes complete with all of her favorite cats. Pay homage to your favorite crazy lady with this fun plastic figurine.

The Zombie Survival Guide

Need help surviving the impending zombie apocalypse? This book can help. It contains all the tips and tricks you will need when the zombies attack. Nothing you know right now has prepared you for a zombie attack, but the Zombie Survival Guide will help you make it through what is sure to be history’s most dangerous time.

Passive Aggressive Notes

Love reading notes from disgruntled people barely managing to make it through life without a psychotic break? This book is for you. It is packed with dozens of biting, sniping notes that will make you laugh.

Instant Excuse Ball

Need an excuse fast? Shake the Instant Excuse Ball. It produces excuses faster than even the speediest thinker. The blue ball is similar to the famed Magic 8 Ball and contains a die imprinted with excuses that floats to the open window in the ball. Voila! Instant excuse for anything you could not want to do.

Giant Fist Can Holder

Show off your brute strength while keeping your beverage icy cold! The Giant Fist Can Holder is the perfect styrofoam can cooler. Impress your friends at your next party with your inability to not crush your can!

Camera Lens Mug

Every sipped your drink from a camera lens? Now you can. The camera lens mug is ideal for photography buffs and those who enjoy quirky mugs. The mug holds 15 ounces of liquid and is perfect for hot and cold beverages.

Giant Flask

Regular flask just not enough to get you through a miserable event? The Giant Flask holds a whopping 64 ounces of liquid. It is exactly like a regular flask, but more than twice the size. The flask makes a great gift and is perfect for getting through family gatherings during the holiday season.

Beardski Ski Mask

The Beardski Ski Mask provides a humorous way to stay warm during your trips down the slopes. It measures six inches long and features adjustable flaps so it fits all sizes. The mask is made with thermal fleece and a vented neoprene mouth and chin piece. It is water resistant and adds a humorous flair to any ski ensemble.

Toilet Monster

Looking for a way to scare the… stuff out of someone? The Toilet Monster is the answer. Whether you are tired of getting scolded for leaving up the toilet seat or you are looking for a way to startle others sharing your bathroom, this crazy green monster will do the trick. Lift the lid and out pops the monster!

Jolly Rancher Candles

Jolly Rancher candies are delicious and now you can have the potent flavor in a candle. This is a great gift for anyone who loves Jolly Ranchers, but wants to preserve their teeth and waist line. Candles are available in a variety of flavors and provide 90 hours of burning time.

Zombies Hate Stuff

There isn’t much zombies don’t hate. This hardcover book is filled with images of zombies dealing with all the things they hate. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves zombies, but is not too fond of actually reading books.

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