How to Smoothly Transition Your Loved One Into a Retirement Home

While assisted living may be the perfect solution for your family’s situation, it can result in a tough transition. It’s not just the seniors that have a tough time, but everyone involved. It is very important to never lose sight of the positive change that is being made.

To help your family adjust, here are some tips that will help make a smoother transition:

Guilt - While you may feel guilty, you shouldn’t. It is unrealistic to think you can be a full time caregiver while juggling all of your other responsibilities whether it’s a full time job or you have kids of your own. Your loved one will be in an environment where they can flourish. They will build quality relationships and participate in various activities; all while being cared by a team of professionals that will make sure they have everything they need.

Questions – Most of the research will have been done after selecting a community. Your loved one will most likely have some unanswered questions that they will want to ask the staff. Assist them by creating a list of things they would like to ask the staff after arriving. It will go a long way in making them feel more comfortable in their new environment.

Decorations – Leaving a home to begin a new life can be emotional for anyone. It is important to decorate the place with some items from home that will make them feel more comfortable. Mixing in some new items will be helpful as well. Having some new things are reminders that their new home has potential for something fresh and exciting. Do make sure that they are open to everything.

Visiting – Planning regular visits will be a big help to easing the transition for your loved one. Often one of the biggest fears among seniors making the move is that they will be forgotten by the ones they care about most. Having set plans such as going on a walk or shopping is a good idea. Just make sure to continue that routine. Keep in mind too many visits can mean your loved one is missing out on opportunities to socialize with others in the retirement home.

Encouragement – Some people might be very outgoing, unfortunately not everyone is. Encourage your loved one to participate in the many activities and social occasions that are offered. Chatting with the staff on a regular basis will be necessary to get updates on how your loved one is adapting to their new home.

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