The Best Golf Pranks Of All Time

Exploding Golf Ball

This is probably the oldest golf prank in the book, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious when executed properly. Your buddy tees up his ball, someone distracts him, swaps in the exploding golf ball, and hilarity ensues.

The fake first-tee announcement

This only works at a course where the first tee, putting green and pro shop are all close together. If you want to rattle someone’s nerves on the first tee – especially if he or she isn’t a great player, get everyone’s attention and announce him or her as a professional golfer, state amateur champion or something similar. Then wish him or her good luck on hitting the fairway. If you can be convincing enough to make everyone on the patio applaud, you know you’ve done this prank correctly.

The flat tee

This one may take some patience before it pays off, but it’s worth the wait. Joke shops sell golf tees with flat tops so that when someone tries to position a ball on it, he or she will be unable to get it to stay still.

The rubber snake

This one isn’t exactly golf-specific, but given that golf courses tend to bring golfers closer to nature than other recreational settings, it’s a perfect setting for this classic prank. 

The rubber-snake-on-the-golf-course tradition has major championship roots, with Lee Trevino using it to break the tension on the first tee of an 18-hole playoff for the 1971 U.S. Open against Jack Nicklaus. Though he didn’t carry off the prank, the clip of the Merry Mex and the Golden Bear chuckling about it has become part of golf lore.

The cart key switcheroo

This one’s subtle and simple. If you’re a passenger, just turn the golf cart key from the “ON” to “OFF” position and watch the driver scramble to figure out why the thing won’t move.

The marshmallow drop

If you want to have a little fun with the group(s) behind you, this takes the frustration of trying to find your own golf ball amongst a bunch of range balls to a potentially hilarious conclusion. Just scatter a few large marshmallows around the fairway and those behind you will have a tough time distinguishing a golf ball from a marshmallow until they get up close. Just please pick up after yourself – remember, you’re pranking your fellow golfers, not the maintenance staff.

The floating range ball

Okay, it’s not exactly practical to set this up on the fly, but we came across this video during our research and had to share it.

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