Things Learned From Delivering Pizza

Whether you deliver pizza's part-time or full-time you will learn a lot about the world that you never may have considered before. Below is a list of things that most people delivering can relate to and understand.


1. Tipping

There can be many factors that come to play when getting tipped and a lot of situations that end up with you not too happy. While it can simply be out of your control it can be a game changer if you are not the most personable person. Just be friendly and go into it not expecting a tip since you are simply doing your job, anything else is a bonus.

2. People Become "Hangry" When They Are Hungry

When people are hungry everyone has a different reaction. Some people may just space out and can't focus and others get angry. Majority of the time it's the second one. Just smile and move on. There is not point in getting caught up in any of it. Sometimes they can have a legit reason when you mess up their order or are super late. 

3. The Dinner Rush Is Nuts

When it's dinner time the orders will be coming in non-stop. Expect to be swamped and it's not always easy since the roads are not necessarily free of traffic around this time either as some people are still getting off work. 

4. You Learn A Lot About Class

You will definitely see a difference between people of different class. While someone with a lower income will be much nicer as they can more likely relate to you, the upper class in society might treat you as if you were below them, thought that is far from the truth. It's just something you have to deal with so you can't take it personally some people are just not that nice.

5. It Teaches You To Be Humble

There is going to be a lot of annoying things that you have to deal with working delivery. People will look down on you, you deal with angry people, and much more. You will learn to deal with it. You will also build a lot of patience when it comes to people and quickly realize to not take everything so personally. They don't even know you and it's common to catch someone on their bad day. Just pay your dues and you'll work your way up. You will become a much better worker and person for the experiences you go through.

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