Top 10 Good Pranks on Sisters




    1. SHINING STAR - Add some baby oil to shampoo or conditioner. (Good for hair but this is asking for a 100% good pranks revenge!



    1. OOPS - Hide a big fake spider in her fav handbag!



    1. LIVE A LITTLE - Hide several alarm clocks set 5 minutes apart from 3AM in her bedroom!



    1. OUCH! - Is she reading a nice thick Romance Novel? Remove the last two pages carefully! (Do keep them for her!)



    1. RED - Add some food coloring to her Nail Polish 2-3 drops will do. Red in Red and Pink in Pink will last a few days longer even when removed!



    1. TANNED - Add some self-tan lotion to her body lotion. Don't mix well, it's meant to be streaky.



    1. YUM YUM - Put a little bit of Peanut Butter on the handle of her favorite cupboard or drawer. (Underneath and out of sight works best. Not a nice feel, not a nice look on hands!)



    1. LITTLE BLACK NUMBER - Those cute little black sandals will look cute even when she takes them off - add a little black shoe polish on the inside. (Be prepared to replace them!). You do know you are looking for serious trouble and a good spank instead of good pranks?



    1. FLYLICIOUS - Plastic little black flies or roaches available from toys stores in her favorite breakfast cereal goes down well in Good Pranks.




  1. EEEWW! - Next time she's having a warm drink drop 2-3 raisins in. They sink to the bottom and will be a nice last sip surprise! A 5 Star Good Pranks winner for any occasion!

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