Top 10 Good Pranks To Play At Home




    1. FAKE FLY - You can buy fake flies or bugs at the joke shop. Put a couple in the salad at a BBQ.



    1. TATTOO - If you're going home to visit the family, get a realistic temporary tattoo and then sit them down and tell them that you have a really important announcement to make.



    1. CAR WASH - Somebody just about to wash the car? Unscrew the garden hose from the connector. Pour some biodegradable liquid dish soap into the hose. Screw the hose back on and enjoy.



    1. BLESS YOU! - Pour water in your hand, make a sneezing noise then throw water on back of a person’s neck. Best not to use this one on strangers your good prank might back-fire!



    1. COOKIES - Make some cookies with some finely shopped Very hot chilies. Put the cookies out but put a sign up that says “Do Not Eat - Very Hot”.



    1. LOUD - Many new TVs have an option on them that lets you set a time for them to turn on. Simply go to the menu and set it for about 2:37 AM. Before you go to bed turn the volume up to max and shut off.



    1. SNOOPING - A statistic says that about thirty percent of the population snoops through medicine cabinets. When you have a party - Place some strange objects and potions in the cupboard!



    1. SNOOPING 2 - Rig up a small box full of marbles. Cut one side of the box so that you are able to close the cabinet but when the cabinet is opened the marbles all start rolling out of the box onto the counter top when the cabinet is opened - It makes a big noise. Also works with golf balls for more noise.



    1. YUMMY COOKIE - Scrape off the filling of a few Oreo cookies. Then fill them with white toothpaste. Leave the cookies out where somebody can find them.



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